Dare to Indict Darren Wilson? Dare Not Taken, Officer Named “Innocent”

It seems that America is quite fond of not indicting their police officers, regardless of the crimes they commit, whether it be unjustly killing teenagers or violating people’s right to privacy. The government has been playing petty games. Or rather, the government is the petty game. Or perhaps, the government has been playing us? Yes, that seems about right. Throwing up our Constitutional and Human Rights like a pair of dice. And unlucky for us, this is a game we seemingly can’t win. Seemingly.

There is evidence from a reliable source that Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted for the death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. There is also evidence saying, actually, not saying but mandating that police officers around the country are not obligated to protect the lives of citizens; it’s no longer in their job description.

Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone

– Linda Greenhouse, The New York Times; June 28. 2005.

So, police have no obligation to protect. The police force is becoming militarized. The unjust killing of an unarmed teenager (actually multiple; a majority of them aren’t covered by the news), and the officer isn’t guilty. Tear gas thrown at peaceful protesters in Ferguson. Supposedly politicians, clergy and white residents have been told to evacuate the St. Louis area. You’re telling me America is not racist, the government is for the people and I’m a conspiracy theorist? It was a conspiracy that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by the U.S. government but that was proven to be true. It was a conspiracy that there was fluoride in our drinking water but that continues to be true.

In conclusion, what was yesteryear a “conspiracy” is actually much truer than the stuff they put on the main media outlets.

In conclusion, the police will not protect you, and they can’t be sued for not protecting you.

In conclusion, don’t be a sheeple, become a conscious people. Know your rights and know how and when they’re being violated. You’re Katniss in Catching Fire, and the latter is out to kill you with fake friends (the police) to lead you to your defeat. But like Katniss, you can oust the gamekeepers and win.


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