Progress in the States…

It’s a pathetic time to live in America. It’s evident (the ceaseless killing of African-Americans) that the only people in which “all men are created equal pertains to” are non-colored people.

And this.

The army approves of the word Negro

Is this the progress America is proud of? Land of the free and home of the brave ? Does it make you brave to regurgitate the hate that was entailed in and followed slavery and segregation ? Is this the way you maintain “democracy?”


What is this “democracy” you fight for anyways. This government is not for the people nor is it by the people. This country and this market favors the rich, and the upper classes will continue to control the elections, and manipulate your rights right before your eyes because the greater majority of America is so hypnotized by the media and persuaded to believe in fallacy that they can’t nor have the desire to change their ways and look for the truth. Sheeple mustn’t be sheeple anymore. Stop being naive. Open your eyes. All men are created equal, you don’t need a decades old document to tell you that.


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