God Blaze America*

America likes to pride itself in the fact that this is a free land, and everyone is enabled “unalienable” rights. But America is just kidding itself, and everyone who believes in the gargantuan web of lies. If America was really dedicated to freedom for all of its citizens, then it would make sure to obliviate the existing Ku Klux Klan groups that still terrorize African Americans throughout the country. These groups were created only to disappear African American people from the face of the earth, and if America really cared, they’d make such groups, specifically targeting a race of people, illegal. But that’d be “violating the constitution” right? Something about people’s “right to expression” would be upturned and that’s punishable by law, to violate people’s rights. If they’re not black that is.Constitution-on-fire-2

The KKK Missouri branch has admitted that since the continued peaceful protesting of the African American community in Ferguson, they’ve been getting “200 calls per week.” And that if these protesters continue to protest peacefully, which is somehow a threat to white people, they’re protected by the racist system and Missouri law to defend and use force. Meaning, the KKK will kill peaceful African American Protestors just like Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown and just like police continue to murder African American males and females in America. If you believe in the Constitution, what are you doing to stop this? Or are you supportive of the madness? If you believe in equality for all men, then, why doesn’t that apply to black skin. Are African American’s not human as well? Have they not the same eyes, hands, organs as you? Why is it so daunting to support African Americans just like America supports Caucasian Americans? America would not exist for not the Africans that led Columbus to an already established “New World.” Columbus discovered nothing. He took advantage of the Africans and sold them into slavery where lazy Americans whipped them to death because they themselves were too lazy to farm and work their plantations.

But back to the situation at hand. There’s a very thin sliver of a chance that the KKK will get in trouble for killing African Americans in Ferguson. It’s not a trend that America follows, to put white criminals in jail. That’s why Zimmerman and Wilson are walking free. African Americans are a “threat” to society but:

Was it a black man that shot up the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado? No.

Was it a black person that shot up an elementary school? No.

But the ones who did commit those crimes were ill in the head and don’t deserve to be jailed.

And black people get killed for walking down the street with a hoodie on, and walking down the street with a friend, and if you’re black and mentally ill or disabled, good luck.

**I mean bless….



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