Living Up To Stereotypes

If you open up the Instagram app and search for posts under the #Ferguson hashtag, you’ll find some irrelevant, some uplifting and some just plain ignorant posts regarding the situations. There’s this notion going around that by looting and rioting in Ferguson, African Americans are living up to “ghetto stereotypes.”

What does that even mean?

I mean what does that even mean?

How are you going to discourage rioting and say that it doesn’t cause any real change. What racism have you as a white person been exposed to? Stop being narrow-minded. African Americans are frustrated and tired of white cops abusing and killing their children and not getting indicted. “Liberty and justice for all” is a false statement in America, because America has no intention of serving and protecting its black citizens. It’s not being violent if they start rioting: they’re trying to be heard. Haven’t you seen a little kid cry and scream when you take something they love away from them? African Americans are rioting not only for Michael Brown, but for all the males and females shot and killed by white policemen. They want what they think they deserve: justice. Isn’t about time America gave it to them? You’ve enslaved them and abused them and killed them and made them hate their history and love yours; If anyone’s been violent, it’s America. If anyone is a “demon” it’s America.

I’m sorry. But, it’s time you shaped up America. Stop trying to kill off the people that helped build this country.


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