Cognitive Therapy

Ten Forms of Distorted Thinking


1 All-or-Nothing Thinking: if you’re not perfect, you’re a total failure

2 Labeling: if you made a mistake, instead of thinking: “I made a mistake” you label yourself “I’m a jerk.”

3 Overgeneralization: using words like always and never

4 Mental Filtering: dwelling on the negative

5 Discounting the Positive: “anyone could have done that,” “it doesn’t count,” “that wasn’t good enough”

6 Jumping to Conclusions: assuming the worst based on no evidence

7 Magnification: exaggerate the importance of problems, shortcomings and minor annoyances

8 Emotional Reassuring: mistaking your emotions for reality; “I’m scared of flying, therefore it must be dangerous.”

9 Should and Shouldn’t: blaming yourself

10 Personalizing the Blame: blaming yourself responsible for things beyond your control.

Seven Ways to Untwist Your Thinking

1 Talk to yourself as you a would a best friend

2 Examine evidence (given against you)

3 Experiment (continuation of 2)

4 Look for partial success (look for positive)

5 Take a survey (ask friends for opinions and about accusations)

6 Define your terms (used against you; “worthless” or “stupid”)

7 solve the problem

Seven Steps to Feeling Better

1 Write everything down

2 Identify the upsetting event(s)

3 Identify your negative emotions

4 Identify negative thoughts associated with #3

5 Identify distortions and substitute rational responses

6 Reconsider your upset

7 Plan corrective action

Cold & Flu Therapy

The truth about drugs for cold/flu symptoms is this: they don’t work. I mean, its just better to go natural. Those over-the-counter, pharmacy drugs:

  • only suppress, don’t actually get rid of symptoms
  • cost money (obviously!)
  • cause side effects
  • possible increase your cancer risk

Natural remedies are sounding a whole lot better huh? A few things to note: Vitamin C naturally heals, Americans get an estimated one billion colds/year, and the most important, colds aren’t inevitable; there are two main ways to beat them:

1. fortify your immune system

  •  Manage your stress
  • Get regular exercise, but don’t overdo it; strenuous exercise depresses the immune and increases risk of cold
  • Reduce your sweets
  • Eat less fats (meat, dairy foods, fried foods, junk foods) and more fruits and vegetables
  • Drink water, tea and juices
  • Try immune strengthening herbs (i.e. Echinacea or goldenseal)
  • Take vitamin C

2. avoid viral encounters.




Alfalfa leaves

  • lower cholesterol
  • kidney and urinary tract ailement
  • insufficient evidence for efficiency

Aloe Vera leaves

  • heal burns, wounds, skin ailments


  • reduce pain and swelling
  • type of pepper
  • lowers triglyceride and cholesterol levels
  • for fighting viruses and harmful bacteria


  • treat liver disease
  • kidney diseases and spleen problems


  • use berries and leaves
  • constipation, sinus infections
  • pain, swelling, infections, cough, skin conditions, fever

European Mistletoe

  • has been used to treat seizure?
  • headaches


  • skin diseases and ulcers


  • fruit
  • heart disease
  • digestive and kidney problems

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)

  • ancient Rome and Greece
  • used to stop bleeding, heal ulcers and wounds
  • treat tuberculosis and kidney problems

Evening primrose oil

  • since 1930s
  • eczema care
  • anti-inflammatory

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